Opiates and Your Brain

Opiates have an intense effect on the brain. The are engineered to make you feel really good and they do this so well that within a short time of using, it becomes very difficult to feel “normal” without the drug. This downward spiral is reversible. The brain can heal. But, … continue reading

Prevent accidental usage

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent opiate use in friends and family is to safely dispose of all opiate prescriptions medications in your house. More than half of people 12 years or older who used pain medications for a non-medical purpose got them from a friend … continue reading

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is very common among people who are in recovery from opiate use. This is because it takes time for the brain to heal and unless you have tools and skills in place it’s going to be hard to weather the storms that lie ahead. When the going gets tough, … continue reading

How Suboxone Helps Your Brain

When you are using opiates, your brain needs ever increasing amounts of the drug to feel normal. Suboxone can help you get off the roller coaster without feeling wretched and that makes it an excellent recovery tool, but it isn’t a cure. It’s important to understand how this medication works … continue reading