Learn how your body & mind can work together better.

Develop the skills & resources to help you heal your brain.

Integrate what you've learned through experiential exercises.

Get support from a community of your peers and a physician.

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The Truth about Recovery from Prescription Pain Meds and Other Addictions

What You Won't Learn in 12 Step or Rehab That Could Save Your Life

Introducing Recovery Superstar

I loved learning about the chemistry, the body, the brain—all things that gave me encouragement about the body's power to heal and get to a healthy state. My biggest fear was coming off Suboxone completely and I did it with no issues because I felt prepared.Recovery Superstar graduate

Facing down the addict within myself has been a losing battle thus far. Years of allowing an irrational, pleasure-driven beast to grow out of control has put me in a seemingly inescapable pit of despair. So, if I’m going to win the war within myself, it’s tools like this that will help.Recovery Superstar graduate

Cutting-edge science

The latest medical research shows that we can heal our brains through thoughts, food and movement. Learn how to heal yourself.

Feel better naturally

Learn natural solutions to the anxiety and sleep problems that people recovering from opiate addiction commonly experience.

Great for folks on Suboxone

Recovery Superstar teaches how your brain is different and ways to heal it. You'll learn new skills and have a chance to practice them.

Deal with cravings

Cravings are going to happen; learn the most effective, practical tools for addressing them when they arise.

Created by an MD

Dr. Alex Zaphiris is an integrative addiction doctor with a clinical practice in Marin County, CA. She specializes in recovery from prescription pain medications and other addicting substances.

Prepare for an drug-free life

Learn what you need to know about your body and brain to reduce risk of relapse.

Get and stay clean

This course gives you the tools and resources you won't learn in rehab or other addiction programs.

Bullet-proof your recovery

Staying clean requires more than will power. Learn how to set yourself up for continued strength in recovery.

Share with others

Join a virtual community of people who are committed to feeling better naturally and building a healthier life.

Genius! Recovery Superstar is teaching powerful mind-body medicine in a clear and easy-to-learn way to people who really need it: folks recovering from addiction. The program is packed with excellent information and resources that are difficult for people in recovery who want optimal healing to find for themselves. Why hasn’t this been done before? Dr. Juli Fraga, psychotherapist with a speciality in mindfulness

Meet Alex Zaphiris, MD

Dr. Alex Zaphiris

is an Integrative Medical Doctor, board certified in Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Integrative Medicine. Her clinically proven approach has helped many people get and stay off opiates, heroin, meth, alcohol, tobacco and other substances. She's a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions and sees patients for integrative medicine, primary care and addiction recovery in Marin County, California.

After seeing the opiate epidemic soar out of control and how it has affected close family members and friends, as well as millions of other Americans, Dr. Zaphiris developed Recovery Superstar, a complete online program for people in recovery from opiate and other addictions. Recovery Superstar applies the latest advances in neuroplasticity and integrative mental health to help people with opiate addiction heal their brains and successfully live an opiate-free life.

The class was excellent! I commend Dr. Zaphiris for providing an excellent resource for people who need all the help they can get dealing with addictions.Recovery Superstar graduate