The Truth About Recovery from Prescription Pain Meds and Addiction

The Truth about Recovery from Prescription

Pain Meds and Other Addictions:

What You Won't Learn in 12 Step Programs

or Rehab That Could Save Your Life



with Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS


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What you'll learn:


3 pervasive myths of opiate addiction

The 4-pronged approach that will give you the best chance of recovery without relapse (miss any one of these and your likelihood of relapse increases)


4 brain chemicals that you need to feel happy, relaxed and energized… and how to boost them naturally, without drugs


The definitive answer to the question, "Can you really heal your brain from addiction?”


The right way to successfully taper off replacement medications including suboxone and methadone

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Dr. Alex Zaphiris (pronounced: Zuh-FEAR-is) is an Integrative Medical Doctor, board certified in Addiction Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Family Medicine.

After seeing the opiate epidemic soar out of control and how it has affected her patients, close family members and friends, as well as millions of other Americans, Dr. Zaphiris developed Recovery Superstar, a 12 week online education and support program for people in recovery from opiate addiction. Recovery Superstar applies the latest advances in neuroplasticity and to help people with opiate addiction heal their brains and successfully live an opiate-free life.

Dr. Zaphiris sees patients for addiction recovery, integrative medicine and primary care in Marin County, California.