• it was news to me that veggies are a catylist (sp?) for the amino acids. i usually eat protien with each of 4 meals a day, but i generally have a starch with the first 3 and have a big salad and a veggie with dinner. now i’m trying to figure out how to get a veggie into each meal.

    thanks T


  • also i wanted to tell you about TRE Trauma releasing Exercise, it uses the bodies natural reaction to trauma, ie. shaking, to release old trauma. like when a zebra gets away from a lion, they will tremble or skake for a while and then go on about their business. or your dog shaking during a thunderstorm. you can check it out at.…[Read more]

  • i typed “planet drum” into pandora and started dancing and hooting like a maniac to the afro/cuban/tribal drum beats that they were playing. it was great fun, i was grinning and laughing and surprisingly i got a catch in my throat and tears welled up. i got areal senser of freedom and it was so good to feel rhythm in my body again.

    yours Toni