• I ordered Brain Recovery Am and Pm and will start there, then I will move to adding in Total Aminos. I do pray that this gives me a boost! Again my issue is alcohol and I am not on any meds to curb cravings. I just think I am always looking for a quick fix whether it be chocolate, coffee and now more recently the re-occurrence of wanting that high…[Read more]

  • Dodge Ball cracked me up many years ago, I never laughed so loudly in a theater. I love Princess Bride also. I don’t watch a lot of movies. Modern Family is funny as is The Middle.
    I love you Man is also hilarious.

    Those are what I can think of at the moment!

  • I can’t wait to learn more about what supplements will help with certain brain chemicals. I eat clean, whole foods – am gluten free, dairy free, and eat paleo at the moment. I still find sugar cravings come, coffee cravings and most recently alcohol CRAVINGS. These were NOT existent for 6 years being sober. I did not want to give up the social…[Read more]

  • I get a lot of support from my friends and family. All are very supportive when I fall into an area of abusing alcohol. My husband unfortunately is a very heavy drinker and can be supportive in some ways, but not others and totally depends on his mood. He is my biggest trigger when it comes to wanting to forget all my problems. Ironic part is for…[Read more]

  • Tammy replied to the topic Welcome in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Dr Alex. So happy to be here. I look forward to learning how I can cope with my addictive inclination toward alcohol. My intention is to learn from others here on the forum and to learn (of course) from YOU, an addiction expert and integrative doctor, who has helped so many others. I connected immediately with everything that was given to us in…[Read more]