• My stress busting plan:

    Go to my bedroom, sit in my favorite reading chair, then:

    – do breathing exercises for 10 minutes to release tension, then guided meditatation (so I don’t think) for 30    minutes, if needed

    – make a cup of decaf tea

    – distract thoughts by reading, calling a friend

    – if above doesn’t work, go for a walk


  • The first thing I notice when I’m stressed is a tightening in my shoulders, then stomach and jaw. Then as it escalates, I hear a buzzing in my mind, then racing thoughts begin, then rapid breathing. I’ve been monitoring myself and trying to catch myself when muscles tighten and doing breathing exercises to relax and refocus. I’m learning that most…[Read more]

  • I really liked this breathing exercise. It’s my 2nd favorite after Focus on the Exhale. I could feel the tension leaving my body, especially my shoulders. I didn’t realize until then that I was tense! Breathing exercises are my favorite thing to do to calm down and de-stress; they really work for me.

  • I didn’t really understand the GPS for Your Soul either.

    If we are taking Nutrient 950, there’s no need for the Brain Recovery you’re recommending, correct?


  • Judy replied to the topic Deep Dive: Anxiety Rx in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    I like to focus on the exhale. That redirects my attention to that instead of my worrying thought. Sometimes I have to just talk it out with someone close to me and that will help as well.

  • Judy replied to the topic Deep Dive: Mental Jiu Jitsu in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    I have such a strong inner critic. I noticed my inner friend is very quiet when it comes to myself, but not others. How odd I can be such a good, compassionate friend to others, but haven’t been to myself (yet lol). I can see this is something I’ll be working on for a long time.

  • Wow, this is difficult! You’re right, it will take a lot of practice. And I’m definitely giving it a “sideways glance”, but I know it will get easier in time. I really enjoy the loving kindness meditation.


  • Judy replied to the topic Mental Jiu Jitsu in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    I’m going to work on “always and never”. I didn’t realize how much I thought that until now. I will add the word “yet” and make it a more positive thought.


  • Judy replied to the topic Sleep Action Plan in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    Sleep Action Plan:

    1.  Turn off TV/IPad at 9pm

    2.  Do BLE checklist/food journal for tomorrow

    3.  Read an actual book, not iPad – listen for signal that I’m tired

    4.  Lights out by 10:30pm

    5.  Do breathing or autogenics exercise, if needed

    6.  Listen to self-hypnosis, if needed

    7.  If I wake up, do breathing or autogenics exercises, or bot…[Read more]

  • I loved the breathing and autogenics exercises and will definitely use those. I always wake up in the middle of the night and usually cannot get back to sleep, even if it’s 2 am. I have been using self hypnosis every night for about 3 weeks now with so-so success, but I can see that I can make many changes to my routine after reading these lessons.

  • Judy replied to the topic Sleep Action Plan in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    Hi Dr. Alex, the link above for the Sleep Action Plan doesn’t work. Could you provide a new one please? I tried to access it from my iPad and a laptop, but it doesn’t work. Thanks.

  • Judy replied to the topic Science of Sleep in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    I think turning my tv off an hour earlier and reading an actual book instead of my iPad needs to be implemented right away!

  • I also have a question about multi vitamins and iron. It’s my understanding that post menopausal women shouldn’t have iron. Should I get the men’s formula then?

  • Thanks for the recipe. I’ve been buying the Bubbies brand of fermented sauerkraut and eat 2 oz. everyday with my lunch as part of my vegetable portion. I’ve read you need as little as 1 tablespoon. What did you learn in your web conference a good daily serving would be?

  • Judy replied to the topic Deep Dive: Self-Care Rituals in the forum Lesson Comments 4 years ago

    I have a daily check off list that I use every night to reinforce habits I’m working on such as meditation, gratitude journal, spiritual reading, taking vitamins, exercise, eating properly, etc. I add or subtract to it as needed. It constantly evolves. I recently even added benefiber to my list! I start a new one every week and can tell, at a…[Read more]

  • I started meditating a month or so ago every morning. In the beginning, I really couldn’t focus, but it quickly became easier. I love it now. It starts off my day in such a calming way. There are lots of guided meditations to teach you how to do it on you tube. If I feel stressed or anxious at bedtime, I do it again.

  • I’m having a devil of a time finding a multi-vitamin that meets your standards. Would you recommend one please?


  • Hi Dr. Alex, I tried 1 cap Tyrosine with no affect, so 1/2 hour later took a second one. Felt a little more alert and focused. (This was after taking 2 DLPA). Is this ok? I was nervous about taking anymore since I took DLPA as well. I also take 2 Endorphegens in the afternoon and 3 in the early evening. I have ordered the Toal Amino Solutions as…[Read more]

  • I would appreciate an answer to my questions above. Are you around this week? This is the first time you haven’t posted with us and answered our questions.

  • Thank goodness, eating really, really healthy is something I’ve already accomplished. It helps tremendously with cravings. I never eat fast food. I eat vegetables (over a pound a day) and 4 oz protein at each of my 3 meals. I eat 2 fruits and one serving of grain a day. I don’t eat processed foods of any kind. I don’t eat sugar or flour either. I…[Read more]

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