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    Hi all,
    I just listened to the first class that I missed and I want to give some input so I feel more connected. First off I’ve enjoyed replaying the class a few times while I am organizing my bookshelves in my home office. After doing the shaking session inspiration hit me how I can better organize my books, which is very welcomed!

    Per the group I bring determination, tenacity and staying power. Yes to synchronicity, this class hit me intuitively at the heart/mind level and I was instantly motivated because of the sincerity I heard from Dr Alex. I am here because I want to live as good as I can with inattentive ADD without medication, which I don’t take. I am 54 and I want to improve my mind and body so I can navigate aging well.

    I like the (new) term ‘antidote statement’ which I tend to use anyway but I like the fresh succinct flavor of that expression.

    I’ve struggled feeling not quite ready for the class because my office and desk are messy and both can feel very distracting. I’ve felt pulled between, ‘I gotta clean up before I can settle into the class,’ and ‘I need to participate,’ but like Dr Alex says, just taste it, and that’s what I’m doing now participating in class by listening and writing this in spite of still sitting at a very messy desk. lol I really do appreciate the information. More ear points please 😉

    BTW I use a Mac and I used Zoom with another online group and it worked fine until I upgraded to the most current operating system, El Capitan, which Zoom was not supported, that was in the Fall so maybe both are compatible now?

    See ya this Friday,