• My take aways from this class:

    My phone buzzes everyday at 3:30 reminding me to MOVE…! I wiggle some and I could stand to grow the length of time I wiggle. Sometimes it rings at an inconvenient moment so I give a quick shake and move on.

    I find F.lux to be fabulous, I was wanting that blue light filter for years, it is a positive trigger to…[Read more]

  • Hello Dr Alex,

    It is a pleasure to learn from you.

    I want an overview of how the various systems of the body work and how they interrelate. I don’t need the minutia that doctors require but I want the bullet points of how the mechanisms work in simple terms.

    Subjects of interest are: gut and brain connection, how the organs generally work t…[Read more]

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    Ah too cute! Hmmm what’s my space jam???

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    Per ‘patterns’ I have also been a doodler and boy do I ever repeat shapes, over and over… Doodling is revealing and pleasurable, I don’t know how a design will finish while I am making it and I’m able to remain relaxed, engaged and alert while drawing in the margins.

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    Over the weekend we had a treat as my OH was able to keep a rental car thru the weekend at no extra charge so we spontaneously took an overnight trip to some hot springs for some much-needed recuperation.

    We are fortunate and we count our blessings every day as we recently relocated out to the country in a high mountain valley last summer. The be…[Read more]

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    Oh yes the flash mob was inspiring, especially how it kept building… In addition to what others have said it was fun to the musicians in streetwear rather than formal attire. It really was breathtaking and the synergy was palpable! Everyone’s focus entrained together. Bravo!!!

  • Dr Alex, I am a recovering nail biter as of one year. Does nail biting often accompanied by rumination and shame fall into the low-e profile? I suspect it could. Any thoughts?

  • Ah Doug, Your story is touching, thank you for sharing. I have a brother with chronic illness and that has been a doozie for him and his family. I’ve spent much of my life alone too, not now but for decades as a young divorced gal far from her family. Family = emotional pain.

    In 2012 both of my parents died, they were both 92. I feel like I am…[Read more]

  • Q: I heard a lecture where I scientist gathered research that the brain does well on creatine as well as CDP Choline. Per the creatine, I don’t need to gain weight, but any thoughts on either? Is creatine an amino acid?

  • Well I have the routine habit of saying to my hunnie, do somethin’ weird or scare me in a surprising way. And he does and even tho I know it is coming I still crack up especially bc he is a quiet kind of person. I’ll say, squish my face or do anything that is stimulating to me and it works like a charm! The funniest time was  he had a glass of…[Read more]

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    Hi all,
    I just listened to the first class that I missed and I want to give some input so I feel more connected. First off I’ve enjoyed replaying the class a few times while I am organizing my bookshelves in my home office. After doing the shaking session inspiration hit me how I can better organize my books, which is very welcomed!

    Per the g…[Read more]

  • Yes yes Toni, an Aussie friend of mine brought that to our community in Utah. We called it breath work and I really enjoyed it. I love experiential learning! Thanks for the link.

  • I’ve had that kind of music on my computer for years and I’ve forgotten how much I like it! I used to dance more and for the last several years have hardly ever danced. 🙁 It was relaxing to me, I felt very connected in my feet. I did it just before bed and I expect I will sleep well. Nite nite…

  • ‘The good news is that the latest medical research indicates that your brain and nervous system can actually heal and recover.’ Thankfully, I know this for myself because it continues to be my experience, a gluten free diet helps, my brain is much clearer but even tho I know better, I still run to sugar to stimulate myself. My guess is I am a low…[Read more]

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    Dear Dr Alex Saphiris, Thank you so much for your warmth and sincerity that came thru in your opening webinar. I appreciate your ability to pull the best health knowledge from different areas as well as your motivation. I continue to learn about brain function and diet as a way to improve my own executive function and to be able to share that wi…[Read more]