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    I like that “being kind to yourself actually creates new pathways in your brain.” That helps me imagine that every kind and forgiving thought toward myself has some lasting value, like repeatedly treading a path keeps it clear of encroaching weeds.

  • I notice my shoulders going up and a tightness in the back of my neck. I try to catch myself now and then through the day and tell myself to bring my shoulders back down. A reminder that I learned in yoga class is to relax my tongue off the roof of my mouth. It’s funny how the act of letting my tongue rest on the bottom of my mouth allows me to…[Read more]

  • Wow! I really like the Being Breathed exercise. It does indeed give a sense of connectedness. I agree with Judy, it’s up there with Focus on the Exhale. Doing them both just now I lost the low-grade headache that had been nagging me all afternoon – wonderful!

  • This unit is really interesting but I don’t understand the last piece “Increase Heart Rate Variability”.  Are you referring to physically varying one’s heart rate or…? The link to HeartMath “GPS for your Soul” didn’t really explain. I look forward to clarification in the webinar.

  • Yes, it’s surprising me how difficult this is. I’m convinced it’s worth the effort and I’m grateful for your reassuring words re. getting distracted and acknowledging that it may even be difficult to summon positive feelings toward another person. I keep meeting up with sorrow as I think of the people I love and as I try to direct the love toward…[Read more]

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    I realize I’ve indulged in “name calling” quite a lot. I think I’ve thought it was a kind of admirable humility. That’s nonsense. I’m going to work on breaking that habit and substitute some compassion in place of the self abuse.

  • I just did about 5 minutes of Loving-Kindness meditation. I was distracted, not bored but it felt awkward and kinda corny – I think I have a lot of defenses against such a vulnerable experience – I suspect this is a very good exercise for me. I plan to do it every day for the next week and see how that feels.

  • I guess most of us in the rainy northwest are low on vitamin D3. I’d fallen out of the habit of taking it but this course has reminded me to reestablish it in my daily regimen and has given me a better understanding of why it matters.

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    I think I can correlate  my occasional sleep issues with anxiety, late night snacking and TV. I’m getting control of the snacking (Since becoming more mindful of maintaining even blood sugar levels  – I don’t seem to have that urge for make-up eating at night after skipping meals during the day… ) and I’ll be turning off my TV earlier as well. M…[Read more]

  • This unit may be, surprisingly, one of the most challenging for me. Initially, when I think about it, I mostly notice the lack of ritual in my life but it may be more a matter of not recognizing what my rituals are and how important they are to me. So OK, I’ll try to be more conscious of what they are and more pro-active in choosing the ones I w…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure what constitutes a “serving” of veggies. Could you clarify that?

    Also, is a free form amino acid supplement the same as what you get in Total Amino Solution?

  • I used to regularly run 3 or 4 miles at a time in the woods near our house but injured my knee about a year ago. Now I walk 30 minutes to an hour most days but I miss the intensity of running. I recently went to a “Jai Ho! Dance Party” which is a peculiar Bollywood style dance event with some instruction included. The same group hosting the party…[Read more]

  • You’re so right about the self-compassion. Somehow, when I use these exercises to address my anxiety, they not only help reduce the anxiety but also help me forgive myself for being so consumed by that anxiety. Its as if having a tool to gently give myself a break confirms that my worthiness of being treated gently. Its a way of answering my…[Read more]

  • I was a big sugar consumer for a very long time without recognizing it. I thought I had a healthy diet but, when I started paying honest attention, I realized that I was eating quite a bit of milk chocolate, black licorice (LOVE that stuff) and foods with hidden sugars. It took a long time to reduce and eventually pretty much eliminate the refined…[Read more]

  • I LOVE that flash-mob video. It made me cry – some mix of tenderness for everyone in the crowd and joyous reaction to the music itself. I especially love the children in the crowd who waive their arms with the music in a pure, unselfconscious response… That’s joy – the direct, unedited experience of a beautiful moment.

    I put flash-mob videos on…[Read more]

  • I like hip opening exercises. I’m reminded that yoga instructors often point out that we hold a lot of pent up emotion in our hips and I think that’s valid. I feel a little calmer after doing the toe tapping and maybe even more so after doing the pigeon pose.

  • Hah! That was great! Closing my eyes was an important detail for me – helped turn off (or at least turn down) my inner, highly critical, observer, the one that’s there to make me self-conscious even when there’s nobody else around.

  • Hi Dr Alex,

    Does this approach to brain chemistry health address imbalances of other neurotransmitters as well – such as dopamine?

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    Hi Dr. Alex,

    I’m excited to join you and this community. I hope to gain some useful tools to deal with my every day anxiety and I hope to gain information that can support my adult son as he copes with chronic sleeplessness, anxiety and what he recognizes as a marijuana addiction.