Module 1 Introduction
This module introduces the topics we'll be covering throughout the course: what your brain needs for an opiate-free life, tools for dealing with cravings and withdrawal as well as ways to manage pain without opiates.
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 How Your Brain Works
Unit 3 Inner Resource: Shaking
Unit 4 Deep Dive: Recovery Support Inventory
Module 2 Feel Pleasure, Relieve Pain
This module explores how your brain regulates pleasure and pain. You'll learn how you can help your brain make your own endorphins and what you can do to bring more joy and pleasure into your life on a daily basis.
Unit 1 Endorphins: Find Your Bliss
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Toe Tapping
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Bliss
Module 3 Feed your brain
This module looks at feeding your brain and how your food affects your mood. You'll learn what foods support your brain, body and recovery best.
Unit 1 Feed your Brain: Food + Mood
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Breathing
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Food as Medicine
Module 4 Build energy, battle fatigue
This module looks at how to boost energy and motivation and battle fatigue. You'll learn how to build your energy naturally with food, supplements and physical activity.
Unit 1 Catecholamines: Focus on Energy
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Build your Energy
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Food Journal Inventory
Unit 4 Eating Action Plan
Unit 5 Pep Talk
Module 5 Micronutrients and Self-Care Rituals
This module take a deeper look at feeding your brain and all the micronutrients necessary to help your brain make its own neurotransmitters. You'll learn what vitamins and supplements to add to your diet and dive into replacing old habits with new rituals to support your brain, body and recovery.
Unit 1 Feed your brain: Micronutrients
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Focus on Exhale
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Self-Care Rituals
Module 6 Sleep and Rest
This module focuses on a common issue in recovery, getting a good night's sleep. You'll learn how to remove the barriers to your sleep and how to rest your brain for your recovery.
Unit 1 Science of Sleep
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Rest Practices
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Sleep Well
Unit 4 Sleep Action Plan
Module 7 Cultivate Happiness
This module explores how to boost serotonin and access your happy place whenever you most need it. You'll learn how to feel happier without medication.
Unit 1 Serotonin: Your Happy Place
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Loving-Kindness
Unit 3 Deep Dive: 3 Good Things
Module 8 Hack your Brain
This module explores how to retrain your negative thought patterns. You'll learn practical skills and tools for hacking your brain and mastering your dark side.
Unit 1 Mental Jiu Jitsu
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Befriending Difficulty
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Mental Jiu Jitsu
Unit 4 Positive Thinking Action Plan
Unit 5 A Good Day
Module 9 Melt Anxiety, Find Calm
This module teaches skills and tools to deal with anxiety. You'll learn about how to boost your gaba to create a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Unit 1 GABA: Melt your Anxiety
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Pattern Interruptor
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Anxiety Rx
Module 10 Prevent Stress, Eliminate Triggers
This module focuses on how stress impacts triggers to use. You'll learn about how to prevent stress in your life and master your triggers to avoid relapse.
Unit 1 Stress and Your Nervous System
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Being Breathed
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Prevent Stress and Triggers
Unit 4 Stress Action Plan
Module 11 How to Taper Successfully
This module focuses on tapering off medications including Suboxone, Methadone, other opiates, SSRIs, and other medications your brain may be used to taking on a daily basis. You'll learn what is necessary for a taper to be successful long term and explore your readiness to taper.
Unit 1 Tapering off Medications
Unit 2 Inner Resource: 4-7-8
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Change Readiness
Module 12 Recovery Next Steps
This module concludes our class, you'll learn how to know if you are ready to taper off your medication and what you need to maintain sobriety. You'll map out next steps on where to go from here.
Unit 1 Recovery Next Steps
Unit 2 Inner Resource: Recovery Meditation
Unit 3 Deep Dive: Anchor Your Recovery
Unit 4 Finishing Up

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