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      Welcome, I am so glad YOU are here.  I am looking forward to having fun as we learn and support each others recovery.  Feel free to share what’s on your mind here.

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      Dear Dr Alex Saphiris, Thank you so much for your warmth and sincerity that came thru in your opening webinar. I appreciate your ability to pull the best health knowledge from different areas as well as your motivation. I continue to learn about brain function and diet as a way to improve my own executive function and to be able to share that with others. BTW I did to the weekend seminar with Julia Ross on catecholamine, perhaps you were there too? I also have a relative in Tiburon so I know the beauty of the area. How should we address you? Looking forward to our journey together. Warmly, Jewelle

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      Hi Dr Alex. So happy to be here. I look forward to learning how I can cope with my addictive inclination toward alcohol. My intention is to learn from others here on the forum and to learn (of course) from YOU, an addiction expert and integrative doctor, who has helped so many others. I connected immediately with everything that was given to us in the webinar and your passion for helping people to HEAL the brain. That is what is most fascinating to me. I am looking for a different way to approach this part of my life that has most recently re-raised it’s ugly head after 5 1/2 years sober. That’s all for me now. Thank you for listening.

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      Thanks Jewelle, Glad to have you here. I did a year long training with Julia Ross a few years ago – very useful. I definitely bring some of that perspective into Recovery Superstar. You can call me whatever makes you more comfortable. I’ve been Dr. Alex, Dr. Zaphiris, and sometimes just Alex… Maybe Dr. Alex is good for this context? I’m open.

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      Thanks for sharing Tammy. Glad you found us.

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      Is there a certain part that we should have done before Friday?

      I only read the opening page but was wondering if we should have finished Module 1 by friday for example since there are 12.

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      Thanks Doug, every Monday morning I’ll post the week’s lessons. It will usually be 3 lessons and some weeks there’s an bonus one. Every Friday, we’ll go over the week’s lessons in the webinar. So ideally, you will get a chance to do them on your own during the week and if you have questions or comments, you can bring them up in the Q+A part of the webinar. Even if you don’t finish the lessons, still join us on the webinar live if you can. Some people are more auditory learners so I’ll be summarizing the lessons in the webinar and I’ll be doing the inner resources with you too. In the pilot class, I released the week’s lessons one at a time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I thought I’d try it this way so that if you have time on a Tuesday, for instance, you can do the week all at once. I’m open to suggestions. Thx!

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      Hi Dr. Alex. I’m glad to be here and hello to everyone else! I started drinking heavily this past year and am so glad to address my alcoholism. I’m really nervous as to what to expect, but excited to get started.

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      Hi Dr. Alex,

      I’m excited to join you and this community. I hope to gain some useful tools to deal with my every day anxiety and I hope to gain information that can support my adult son as he copes with chronic sleeplessness, anxiety and what he recognizes as a marijuana addiction.

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      Welcome to you both. Thx for sharing.  Glad you are here.

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