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Stress and Your Nervous System

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      This unit is really interesting but I don’t understand the last piece “Increase Heart Rate Variability”.  Are you referring to physically varying one’s heart rate or…? The link to HeartMath “GPS for your Soul” didn’t really explain. I look forward to clarification in the webinar.

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      Thx Jen,  we can talk more about it in the webinar.

      In short, having higher hear rate variability is a marker of a more relaxed nervous system.  it’s a good thing.  There’s lot of data on heart rate variability (HRV) and it’s relationship w  There are various ways to improve (increase ) your heart rate variability including several apps.  the GPS for your soul is one.  “Stressed out” is another.  This one gives an assessment of your stress level.  It’s user friendly.  Camera HRV, HRV4Training and HRV logger I think all came as a bundle.  But I haven’t gotten into using them. You may have heard of Heart Math,  this one is a program for your computer, it’s been around for a while.

      from the Heart Math website:  “Too little variation (in heart rate)  indicates age-related system depletion, chronic stress, pathology, or inadequate functioning in various levels of self-regulatory control systems.”

      In 1965,  HRV began to be recognized for its importance in indicating or predicting various risk factors. Among these are fetal distress, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, heart disease, anxiety, depression and asthma among other health conditions.


      Many studies  correlate an optimal level of HRV to a variety of benefits. Among the results of these studies were enhanced cognitive function in a range of age groups and greater functional capacity in heart-congestive patients, improvements in self regulation in PTSD affected vets, as well as improvements in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, fasting glucose, overall stress, anger, fatigue and hostility.



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      I didn’t really understand the GPS for Your Soul either.

      If we are taking Nutrient 950, there’s no need for the Brain Recovery you’re recommending, correct?


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      Agreed they changed GPS for your soul since I first looked at it.  I don’t see the HRV part anymore.  Check out the app “Stressed Out”    There’s a stress measurement and then a relaxation part.  Easy to use.

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