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Sleep Action Plan

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      Hi Dr. Alex, the link above for the Sleep Action Plan doesn’t work. Could you provide a new one please? I tried to access it from my iPad and a laptop, but it doesn’t work. Thanks.

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      Whoops! Something’s weird with the gravity form.. Feel free to send me your sleep action plan at [email protected]. Even better, post it below!

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      It’s back up and running!

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      Sleep Action Plan:

      1.  Turn off TV/IPad at 9pm

      2.  Do BLE checklist/food journal for tomorrow

      3.  Read an actual book, not iPad – listen for signal that I’m tired

      4.  Lights out by 10:30pm

      5.  Do breathing or autogenics exercise, if needed

      6.  Listen to self-hypnosis, if needed

      7.  If I wake up, do breathing or autogenics exercises, or both

      8.  If that doesn’t work, get up and read

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      This looks like a great plan!

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