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Science of Sleep

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      I think turning my tv off an hour earlier and reading an actual book instead of my iPad needs to be implemented right away!

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      I think I can correlate  my occasional sleep issues with anxiety, late night snacking and TV. I’m getting control of the snacking (Since becoming more mindful of maintaining even blood sugar levels  – I don’t seem to have that urge for make-up eating at night after skipping meals during the day… ) and I’ll be turning off my TV earlier as well. My son may have what you refer to as primary insomnia, if I understand that term. He has struggled with sleep off and on since infancy. I’m curious about the possibility of CBT being helpful for him.

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      Late night TV is a huge one.. now with all the streaming options, you can watch anytime you want so you don’t have to worry about missing a favorite show. I’m a big fan of reading before bed.

      Primary insomnia means, insomnia not because of another medical reason or due to a medication. It’s a primary problem in and of itself. The data on CBT is very good and definitely worth considering.

      I like the image of throwing a stone in a pond. Make one positive change and its effects ripple out into other areas..

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      based on our discussion today, I added to the Healthwave store an alcohol-free passionflower tincture made w glycerite and passionflower caps as well.

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