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      I am going through the course right there with you.  So I’ll share my answers to this too.  I get a lot of support from my husband, family and friends.  Also my work is gratifying (like this!) and I enjoy learning.  I have a 1 year old so every day I get to play with him.  I’d like to spend more time with him, exercise more often and make time for relaxation and spending time in nature.  What about you?

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      I get a lot of support from my husband, two adult sons and friends. I love learning new things and often emmerse myself in online courses. I enjoy working out with my gym buddy, my youngest son. I would like to return to hiking with my husband again and bike riding. We go out often with good friends to improv and stand up comedy and plays. I would like to find more time to read a novel for fun and do more volunteer work. I would like to learn to meditate. My friends don’t know I have an alcohol problem. If I told them, I could probably get more support, but I’m afraid to.

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      I get a lot of support from my friends and family. All are very supportive when I fall into an area of abusing alcohol. My husband unfortunately is a very heavy drinker and can be supportive in some ways, but not others and totally depends on his mood. He is my biggest trigger when it comes to wanting to forget all my problems. Ironic part is for 6 years I kept waiting for him to wake up like me, and he has not and it has backfired to me doing exactly what I don’t want him doing.

      I love my work, I love to walk, hike, bike, ski, sail and do crossfit and yoga. I love the beach, nature, being outside. I love to learn, especially about ways to improve health.

      I meditate, but not regularly as I would like. I regularly use healing modalities to help me in my journey. Acupressure/acupuncture, breath work, massage etc.

      I would love to have a spiritual center that is not religious based and will attend the place I keep saying I will. I have so much support around me and am so excited to learn more about why I just can’t make my brain chemicals happy all the time and have these bouts of using alcohol to drown things out and give me temporary happiness. Thanks

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      This does concern me more than most things.  I work from home and lost my wife to an illness that had her bed bound for many years.  During that time and before it my wife and I were always together, 29 years.  Met her at work. While I always had people here daytime to care for her.

      Now she is gone and I don’t get out much at all.  I started going to NA one meeting a week.  Besides that and work I have little interactions with other people.

      When my wife was well we loved being home together.

      Not sure why I am posting this except that my inner self must know there is some value. Feeling lost.

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      Thanks everyone for sharing.  There’s a lot of loss in life… You are all courageous for being here and doing this work.

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      Ah Doug, Your story is touching, thank you for sharing. I have a brother with chronic illness and that has been a doozie for him and his family. I’ve spent much of my life alone too, not now but for decades as a young divorced gal far from her family. Family = emotional pain.

      In 2012 both of my parents died, they were both 92. I feel like I am the only one, a pioneer in my family, who has figured out how ADHD is part of our family line. Living without understanding the impact of unseen ADHD was wrenching and fracturing to all of us especially for me as a sensitive person. Now I feel like I have found the Holy Grail with my understanding of the role that executive function plays but I didn’t anticipate how I’d need to remain nearly silent with my family per the subject of ADD as mental health can be a touchy subject to speak of and each one explains his/her life in other ways. We are all on different paths.. .  .    .     .  Advice to myself, Grasshopper, be patient!

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      Thx Jewelle,  I feel like loneliness and isolation is such a common problem in our society.  We have to go out of our ways to find our tribe and it may not be our biological families… Sometimes it’s even harder to tell the truth to our families.  People may not be ready to change. We are all on our own paths…

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