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      My take aways from this class:

      My phone buzzes everyday at 3:30 reminding me to MOVE…! I wiggle some and I could stand to grow the length of time I wiggle. Sometimes it rings at an inconvenient moment so I give a quick shake and move on.

      I find F.lux to be fabulous, I was wanting that blue light filter for years, it is a positive trigger to remind me it really is time to get off the computer. I like the physical experience of the light dimming down, sunset on demand!

      Now I take minerals later in the day at lunch and dinner and further away from my thyroid med.

      I take Total Amino Solution first thing and I am eating earlier upon waking.

      Dopa Boost seems to be helpful, I notice its stimulating effects and my energy feels a more supercharged but not too much, and am able to get to sleep at night and wake up easier the next morning which is a benefit!

      • I want to get the recipe and make sauerkraut and kombucha

      • Give DL-Phenylananine more of a try

      • want to make AM exercise more regular

      • Create more social connections

      • practice more of the mindful exercises

      I began this class feeling not quite ready with a messy desk that felt like a big obstacle to clean up. Yesterday I made some real progress unburying my desk and that feels great! 8)

      I wish I would have joined in this chat space more. Most of the time it just did not occur to me to do so, as it was out of my regular patterns of connectivity.

      I really have enjoyed the regular Friday video meet ups as it blocked in time for me to learn and I like the spoken word format with the reward of small group connection.

      I feel like I was a bad student not doing my reading early enough each week! I was not forgetting as I had reminders posted but I just felt slammed doing graphic design etc. The bad student label is a familiar whine… haha, but then again I was consistent at showing up and participating and that feels good. 🙂

      Too early to tell about redirecting away from sugar but I know I am going in the right direction… I usually have a deelish hot whey/greens (hot coco-like) drink sweetened w/ a little stevia as an afternoon treat.

      I love learning especially when it is in a verbal format, an I never tire of learning about how to optimize brain function. I am grateful to our teacher Dr. Alex and all who have participated, thanks everyone and be well! ~ Jewelle

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      Great Jewelle! Thanks for all your great contributions! So happy about all the great shifts for you…

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