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      This is a meaty topic. Which of these do you need to start paying attention to? Personally, I want to pay attention to when I say or think that I “should” do something. When I catch myself, I’ll focus instead on what I want and why. Stay tuned for this week’s Deep Dive to learn how to transform your negative thought patterns.

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      I realize I’ve indulged in “name calling” quite a lot. I think I’ve thought it was a kind of admirable humility. That’s nonsense. I’m going to work on breaking that habit and substitute some compassion in place of the self abuse.

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      I’m going to work on “always and never”. I didn’t realize how much I thought that until now. I will add the word “yet” and make it a more positive thought.


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      both great ideas! first step is becoming aware and catching yourself. Takes courage.

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