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Inner Resource: Toe Tapping

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      Go ahead and try it.. What did you notice when you did Toe Tapping?

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      I had an odd memory of doing this when I was really young. While watching TV. How strange! After trying this, I felt more calm, my legs felt heavy as well as my abdomen. I’m going to try this tonight at bedtime!

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      I like hip opening exercises. I’m reminded that yoga instructors often point out that we hold a lot of pent up emotion in our hips and I think that’s valid. I feel a little calmer after doing the toe tapping and maybe even more so after doing the pigeon pose.

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      Thanks guys,  it’s interesting how memories are linked to physical experiences.  We spend  so much time sitting (at a desk, driving, etc) that our hips don’t get the movement that they need.  Glad you enjoyed it, hip openers are great!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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