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      I know I feel better when I get more exercise.  Now that my baby is getting bigger, I can start to think about getting more exercise. This week, I’d like to ride my bike to work one day, either Tuesday or Friday, depending on the weather. If it doesn’t work, I’ll make another plan for next week.

      What’s something specific, measurable and do-able that you can do this week to be more physically active?  In the next lesson, we’ll talk more about action plans and how to make small but significant changes in your life.

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      I think I’m pretty good in the exercise department for my age, which is 59.  Next week, I will most likely increase the weights on my strength training, but keep everything else the same. I really like your friend’s idea of donating to a charity she doesn’t care for if she misses a workout. Very creative!

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      I used to regularly run 3 or 4 miles at a time in the woods near our house but injured my knee about a year ago. Now I walk 30 minutes to an hour most days but I miss the intensity of running. I recently went to a “Jai Ho! Dance Party” which is a peculiar Bollywood style dance event with some instruction included. The same group hosting the party (this was the 6th year of these events in Portland) offer lessons in Bollywood style dancing once a week. I think I may have found a sometimes substitute for running. Its exercise that can’t be taken too seriously but still does the job -intense, goofy and social.

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      Love the Bollywood class!!  that’s what I’m talking about!

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