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Inner Resource: Breathing

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      You can say this again.

      One of the things I’ve noticed in my practice is that people with a history of addiction are exceptionally hard on themselves.


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      Thanks Doug, I just recorded an interview with author and teacher Kevin Griffin that I’ll be sharing soon.  We talked more about this and how a simple mindfulness practice can build self-compassion..

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      You’re so right about the self-compassion. Somehow, when I use these exercises to address my anxiety, they not only help reduce the anxiety but also help me forgive myself for being so consumed by that anxiety. Its as if having a tool to gently give myself a break confirms that my worthiness of being treated gently. Its a way of answering my over-active, mean spirited self critic.

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      Over the past two weeks, I’ve been learning to meditate. The first thing we focused on was how to breathe properly. I’ve come to slowly enjoy it. It quiets my mind, I’m learning to be in the moment when meditating and by focusing so much on me the past couple months, I’ve begun to care more about myself and think with more compassion about myself. I’ve been having “talks” with my inner critic asking for understanding, support  and help from her. It’s really made a difference. I really need to sleep better though. I know its key.

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      Thx for sharing Jen and Judy, great insights.

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