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Inner Resource: Befriending Difficulty

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      Wow, this is difficult! You’re right, it will take a lot of practice. And I’m definitely giving it a “sideways glance”, but I know it will get easier in time. I really enjoy the loving kindness meditation.


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      Great Judy, you are worth it.

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      Yes, it’s surprising me how difficult this is. I’m convinced it’s worth the effort and I’m grateful for your reassuring words re. getting distracted and acknowledging that it may even be difficult to summon positive feelings toward another person. I keep meeting up with sorrow as I think of the people I love and as I try to direct the love toward myself. I guess that’s something to keep glancing at sideways…

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      Just read about another way to start this practice. Instead of a real person, you can start with something imaginary like a kitten or a puppy that is easy for you to feel compassion for. I just read about it in this month’s Lion’s Roar magazine (the new name for the Shambahala Sun). I share more in the webinar this week.

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