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Feed your Brain: Food + Mood

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      Do you crave certain foods when you are not feeling well or when you are sad or anxious? I definitely crave sweets, the problem is afterwards I often feel worse than before… What about you?

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      I had a sweets addiction bar none and I would never listen to my wife when she would tell me 2 heaping spoons of sugar in coffee was a lot.  I also drank coke by the case, candy and you name it.  I was never overweight.

      When the facts were more obvious about five years ago I started cutting down.  I stopped soda first and never drink any soda or juices.  Just water.  I drink coffee with coconut oil and maybe 1/4 teaspoon organic coconut palm sugar.  So one down.  My wife passed 3 years ago and I miss her physical presence though I know she is still with me in spirit.

      I eat only non gmo etc etc but do not eat well.  I drink Amazing Grass Green Superfood Chocolate every day as I do not eat enough vegetables and figure it is better than nothing but know real food is the answer.  I have a battle with myself about this constantly.

      I think one of my biggest problems, based on what you wrote here and I heard elsewhere, is I fast until 2 – 4PM every day because I read that its healthy.  Well I believe you that it is not and I am going to work to change that and already started to eat something.  I guess the Perlmutter stuff scared me away from grains and I don’t want to cook and then feel guilty eating eggs though I eat them.  Worry worry worry.  It gets me no where but it is my favorite past time.

      Excellent advice you are giving.  I just need to apply it now.

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      I had more of a salt addiction rather than sweets. It just went better with my wine 🙂

      About 6 or 7 weeks ago I gave up all sugar and anything with flour. I am eating three very healthy meals a day (protein, vegetables and salad with 2 fruits per day) and feel physically great. It has helped to reduce cravings tremendously, but not totally. I still cannot sleep. I began a strength training exercise program 3x a week also. I’m hoping once my DPA arrives tomorrow, that will help. I already take Vit D 2x/day and magnesium of 1000 mg/day per my doctor, along with a multi vitamin, calcium, zinc, biotin and B12. I also have a medical grade protein drink with my breakfast to ensure enough protein in my day. Now, if I could only sleep, I know I could lick this so much easier. Wild salmon is one of my favorite foods and I have it probably 5x a week.

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      I was a big sugar consumer for a very long time without recognizing it. I thought I had a healthy diet but, when I started paying honest attention, I realized that I was eating quite a bit of milk chocolate, black licorice (LOVE that stuff) and foods with hidden sugars. It took a long time to reduce and eventually pretty much eliminate the refined sugar. Now fruit tastes so much better since my palette is not so used to the super sweetness of things with a lot of added sugar.

      I really like your remark that its easier to add foods that are healthy than to focus on stopping eating something. It’s weird how hard it is to change eating habits. I find the hardest thing to add enough of is vegetables – not that I don’t like ’em, just that it takes more effort to keep fresh veggies on hand especially the leafy ones.

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      Thx everyone, Doug, first step, observation.  Great you have cut back on sugar.  energy often better w having some breakfast. we’ll talk more about it.  Eggs may not be so bad, yes some cholesterol.  But if your cholesterol is ok, then don’t worry about it, eat eggs and enjoy them!

      Judy, sounds good.  we’ll talk about it when we do micronutrients.  you may want to add some glutamine, 1000-2000 mg between meals.  it helps stabilize blood sugar, heal the gut and is a precursor to glutathione.  comes as a powder, tastes sweet and can mix w water and drink.  We’ll talk about sleep more soon.  Meanwhile you can start to keep a bit of a log, what time you go to sleep, fall asleep, wake up in the night, get up in the AM.  Often helps figure out cause when you observe the pattern.

      Jen, thanks!  Agreed.  Sometimes the prewashed lettuce lasts a bit longer.. I have that problem too.  Frozen veggies are good too.  no added preservatives or salt.

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