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Endorphins: Find Your Bliss

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      What are some of your favorite videos or movies?  My favorite go-to lately is listening to comedy on satellite radio when I am driving in the car.  I find myself smiling and laughing out loud, it’s a great way to drive.  (:

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      Dodge Ball cracked me up many years ago, I never laughed so loudly in a theater. I love Princess Bride also. I don’t watch a lot of movies. Modern Family is funny as is The Middle.
      I love you Man is also hilarious.

      Those are what I can think of at the moment!

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      >><span style=”font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16.1px; line-height: 24.15px;”>My favorite go-to lately is listening to comedy on satellite radio when I am driving in the car.  I find myself smiling and laughing out loud, it’s a great way to drive.  (:<<</span>

      Be careful.  Laugh too hard and you will close your eyes a bit and ….  There I go thinking negative again….

      At least I caught myself, right.

      Very confused about what to take based on above but will read it a few more times.

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      Doug, Total Amino Solution is a great place to start to give you more of all the amino acids as raw materials.  If you are on higher dose Methadone or Suboxone I’m not sure you will notice the DLPA or DPA as much.  But it’s worth a try because it helps slow down the break down of endorphins.  I usually started it in Suboxone patients when they were down to 4 mg or less.  Feel free to try it and report back.

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      I ordered Brain Recovery Am and Pm and will start there, then I will move to adding in Total Aminos. I do pray that this gives me a boost! Again my issue is alcohol and I am not on any meds to curb cravings. I just think I am always looking for a quick fix whether it be chocolate, coffee and now more recently the re-occurrence of wanting that high from alcohol. 🙁

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      I’m confused if I should take DPA or total Amino Solution. My problem is alcohol. I do have great trouble sleeping and have anxiety at night (can’t stop thinking, worrying). Also, wouldn’t excercise increase endorphins?  Additionally, you said that DPA helps boost endorphins by neutralizing the enzyme that breaks down endorphins. What is that enzyme? Is it caused by alcohol? Or is it naturally present? You said there is little research on DPA. Have you had success with this with other patients?

      I love listening to comedy on Sirius when I’m driving. Also, I enjoy Modern Family (my family calls me Claire-not her looks, unfortunately, but her personality), The Big Bang Theory and Life In Pieces.

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      Use the checklist in the lesson, if you score an 8 in any of them or over 20 overall, then consider taking DLPA or DPA.  Total Amino Solution is a great supplement for giving you all the amino acids as raw materials.  Also, take this if you don’t eat much protein.  We’ll talk more about nutrition next week.

      Judy,  if you don’t score high enough on the endorphin checklist, then I would start with  Total Amino Solution.  If you do score high on the checklist, then start w DPA or DLPA.

      DPA and DLPA both slow down the endorphinase, the enzyme that breaks down endorphins.   I use both with patients who meet the criteria above.

      Tammy, sounds good!

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      OK I am lost now.  I read the response in email and missed the first response where you clearly wrote DOUG Total Amino Solution

      So I ordered DPA and Calm (To get the free shipping I added the calm).

      Where do I find Total Amino Solution.  I checked both sites but not thoroughly and did not see it in either place.  This maybe???

      Can I cancel the other order.  Also you cannot paste in the editor here without getting the HTML codes showing up.  I cleaned this up but that is why you see it in places.

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      Clearly that link I posted is what you wanted me to buy so I ordered it just now.  I sent an email to Healthwave and asked them not to ship the initial order,  It appears from the response that it should not be an issue but if it is I will have to live through it  🙂


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      You can order Total Amino Solution from Amazon or from Genesa.

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      Well I have the routine habit of saying to my hunnie, do somethin’ weird or scare me in a surprising way. And he does and even tho I know it is coming I still crack up especially bc he is a quiet kind of person. I’ll say, squish my face or do anything that is stimulating to me and it works like a charm! The funniest time was  he had a glass of water in his hand and I said, come on freak me out and before I could finish my sentence his ice water was running down my face and we both cracked up. I could see the light bulb go off in his face just as he began to launch the water my way. Summertime fun!

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      Q: I heard a lecture where I scientist gathered research that the brain does well on creatine as well as CDP Choline. Per the creatine, I don’t need to gain weight, but any thoughts on either? Is creatine an amino acid?

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      Dr Alex, I am a recovering nail biter as of one year. Does nail biting often accompanied by rumination and shame fall into the low-e profile? I suspect it could. Any thoughts?

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      Hi Jewelle,

      if the nail biting was comforting, I think it can fall under “craving comfort.”

      I read a bit about CDP choline here:

      best evidence is for age related memory problems like Alzheimer’s.  Otw, hard to say.  Creatine is an organic acid that our body makes naturally, it increases energy in muscles.  I’ve known people to use it to help build muscle.  Low doses appear safe.  I found this study on cognitive performance and creatitine.  Although I don’t have experience with it myself.

      The idea of asking your partner to surprise you in a fun way is very sweet and a great way to bring more joy and play into our lives (:


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