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Deep Dive: Self-Care Rituals

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      I have a daily check off list that I use every night to reinforce habits I’m working on such as meditation, gratitude journal, spiritual reading, taking vitamins, exercise, eating properly, etc. I add or subtract to it as needed. It constantly evolves. I recently even added benefiber to my list! I start a new one every week and can tell, at a glance, when I’m slipping. Like this week, I’ve slipped up on exercising and need to step it up.  I’m thinking of doing a 5 year journal. If I do, writing in it will go on my checklist.

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      Great Judy, I made the Mood and Energy Tracker to help people get started.  Totally great to customize and make your own like you are.   Feel free to share a pic of your checklist to give us more ideas.

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      This unit may be, surprisingly, one of the most challenging for me. Initially, when I think about it, I mostly notice the lack of ritual in my life but it may be more a matter of not recognizing what my rituals are and how important they are to me. So OK, I’ll try to be more conscious of what they are and more pro-active in choosing the ones I want. I do know the change to eating breakfast within an hour of waking is significant and disrupts my morning ritual as it has been. This unit helps me to see that the change from my usual morning routine  (drinking caffeine, reading the paper, starting into the day and waiting for hunger to prompt me to eat breakfast some time in the late morning) is no trivial thing. That morning routine included a sort of ritual that I’m replacing with a new one.

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      Sounds good Jen. Yes, the first step is becoming aware of the unconscious patterning and habits so that you can make conscious choices. When we make one change, inevitable there are other changes which ripple out.  like when you toss a stone in a still pond..

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