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Deep Dive: Prevent Stress and Triggers

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      This quote from Cheri Huber at the top is one of my favorites!

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      The first thing I notice when I’m stressed is a tightening in my shoulders, then stomach and jaw. Then as it escalates, I hear a buzzing in my mind, then racing thoughts begin, then rapid breathing. I’ve been monitoring myself and trying to catch myself when muscles tighten and doing breathing exercises to relax and refocus. I’m learning that most of my worries and stresses are of my own imagination/projection. I think I suffer from “needless anxiety”. ?

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      I notice my shoulders going up and a tightness in the back of my neck. I try to catch myself now and then through the day and tell myself to bring my shoulders back down. A reminder that I learned in yoga class is to relax my tongue off the roof of my mouth. It’s funny how the act of letting my tongue rest on the bottom of my mouth allows me to notice how much tension I’ve been holding in my jaw, neck, head…

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      You are both becoming aware of unconscious patterning in physical body.  And how simple it is to shift once you are aware…  It’s an ongoing practice that gets easier to do the more your do it.

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      Hello Dr Alex,

      It is a pleasure to learn from you.

      I want an overview of how the various systems of the body work and how they interrelate. I don’t need the minutia that doctors require but I want the bullet points of how the mechanisms work in simple terms.

      Subjects of interest are: gut and brain connection, how the organs generally work together, digestion, yeast overgrowth, MTHFR, lymphatic system, detoxification, endocrine system, inflammation, nerve health, blood sugar, weight loss, immune system and autoimmune issues, and topics that support aging well. I know it’s a long list, but aim high, right!

      We could review some of the experiential activities so it is less new curriculum for you to create.

      Maybe we as a group could extend for 2 months until summer is here? Aside from the content, the group is valuable as it creates structure as in a time and a place to learn about health, a sense of community, and it is great to have access to you in live time.

      I have started listening to a new and interesting book A Mind of Her Own by Kelly Brogan MD So far, so good…!

      Thanks again,

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