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Deep Dive: Food as Medicine

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      I have been on a 90% grain free diet since Perlmutters research and books have some out.

      Do you suggest staying away from grains and unhealthy oils such as Margarine and corn oil?  I have been taught to cook only with Coconut oil and to use olive oil only directly out of the bottle (IE Do not cook with it).

      Is this not something we need to focus on now.  Information overload is where I am now.

      I eat occasional Pizza or a Bagel but generally try to stay Gluten free.  I am not eating well and it is a battle for me no doubt.  I am struggling and you are supplying solutions yet I am still struggling as I am not applying it.  Looking for that pill that will just fix it all.

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      I hear you.  For this first week, I encourage you to just take note of how you are eating, notice what are your habits, with as little self-judgment as possible… Next week, we’ll review and may want to pick one thing that you want to work on, something that feels do-able.

      Margarine is good to stay away from, it’s one of those partially hydrogenated fats.  Agree w cooking w coconut oil and using olive oil at no heat or low heat (before it smokes).  If your cholesterol is ok,  a pat or 2 of butter/ day is ok too.  I put mine in coffee w coconut oil too (also add a bit of cardamon and sometimes vanilla extract)

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      Doug, ghee made from grass fed organic cows, free of hormones, antibiotics, etc. is also excellent to cook with. It’s easy to make, but you can also buy it. I use it often. I don’t eat grains either. I stick with proteins, vegetables, fruits and salads. I drink water, at least 80 oz. per day. If I could only get rid of the wine, I’d be great. And of course, if I could sleep. Since eating this way, I feel great, but will feel even greater two months from now I know. This was my diet sans wine from 2009 until a year and a half ago in  November 2014 when I started drinking. My prayer is to return to that.

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      Thanks.  Very true.  Used to use it when I was the east,  Ghee is big in India, Pakistan etc. and I see it is available here.  I also use Irish Butter.

      I don’t buy that Cholesterol story any longer.  That movie Cereal Killers was amazing where they claim to have learned that only certain types of LDL Cholesterol (small particle size I believe) are an issue but that just high LDL does not necessarily mean anything bad.  There seems to be a way to test for the different types of LDL.  Perlmutter talks about this as well though please do not go doing anything based on my comments.  I have been eating butter and eggs my whole life and never had high cholesterol and was never overweight. My HDL was always very high.

      But hey tomorrow is another day.

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      Thanks Judy, sounds you are well on your way.

      Thanks Doug, yes, there are more specializes cholesterol tests that can look at small vs large LDL.  I do them sometimes if someone has a strong family history of heart disease.   The small dense LDL is more problematic.  Also plaque in arteries is from cholesterol + inflammation.  Sometimes I order a HS CRP to get a clue about inflammation, that and all the nutrition we are talking about also decreases inflammation.

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