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Deep Dive: Food Journal Inventory

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      it was news to me that veggies are a catylist (sp?) for the amino acids. i usually eat protien with each of 4 meals a day, but i generally have a starch with the first 3 and have a big salad and a veggie with dinner. now i’m trying to figure out how to get a veggie into each meal.

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      Thank goodness, eating really, really healthy is something I’ve already accomplished. It helps tremendously with cravings. I never eat fast food. I eat vegetables (over a pound a day) and 4 oz protein at each of my 3 meals. I eat 2 fruits and one serving of grain a day. I don’t eat processed foods of any kind. I don’t eat sugar or flour either. I keep a daily food log. One tip I have for everyone is to plan your food the day before you eat it. That way you aren’t rooting around your fridge when you are hungry and have a higher chance of making a poor food choice.

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      Toni, veggies have the micronutrient co-factors that help the amino acids convert into neurotransmitters.  You could also take a multivitamin in the AM and that will give the micronutrients for the AM.


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      Judy, well done!  That’s a great tip!  Planning ahead makes a big difference.  It’s much easier if you have healthy, tasty food on hand already so you don’t have to scramble around.

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