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      I actually returned to the gym last week and started doing circuit strength training. I’m really enjoying it. I also went out to lunch twice with two friends. Both of those are on my list. We also had friends over Friday and Saturday night that we hadn’t seen in a while. That’s on my list too.

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      Experience It
      Fucking amazing.   Gives you chills throughout your body

      Greek.  My mothers side of the family is from Janina and my Grandparents came over on the boat to Ellis Island.  I remember my Grandmas greek cooking Kutsunyas and the stew with those white northern beans.  Feta cheese and greek olives.

      Damn.  That stuff is hard to make like Grandma used to make. She’s been gone for a long time now.  20+ years I guess.  Damn true.

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      Colors.  Maybe it’s time I stop wearing all black ya think???

      It’s been about 37 years I have been wearing almost everything black.  I have some light Blue levi shirts but even my 501s are black.  And I must have the same pair I wore when I was 25 though cannot get into a 29 anymore.  31 these days.

      The amazing flashmob video.  did u by chance notice how few people were OVERWEIGHT?  Imagine if that was done in the US?  Ya think we have a problem here?

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      I LOVE that flash-mob video. It made me cry – some mix of tenderness for everyone in the crowd and joyous reaction to the music itself. I especially love the children in the crowd who waive their arms with the music in a pure, unselfconscious response… That’s joy – the direct, unedited experience of a beautiful moment.

      I put flash-mob videos on my bliss list.

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      Doug, love what you say about food and memory.  so closely connected..  some Greek food not so far to make.  the white beans w the tomato sauce?  Those are great!  Maybe you’d like to take a Greek cooking class?

      Interesting observation about colors and your clothes.. Black so fashionable in NY but can be a bit of a downer..  Sounds like you’re thinking of doing something different.  How about starting with a colorful scarf or some colorful socks.  Men are doing that more these days..

      Jen/Doug, I love flash mobs too..  this was a particularly joy-full one  (:

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      Oh yes the flash mob was inspiring, especially how it kept building… In addition to what others have said it was fun to the musicians in streetwear rather than formal attire. It really was breathtaking and the synergy was palpable! Everyone’s focus entrained together. Bravo!!!

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      Over the weekend we had a treat as my OH was able to keep a rental car thru the weekend at no extra charge so we spontaneously took an overnight trip to some hot springs for some much-needed recuperation.

      We are fortunate and we count our blessings every day as we recently relocated out to the country in a high mountain valley last summer. The best thing about our new little old place is the how our home is atop a knoll on the foothill with a sweeping mountain view to the west, it is stunning especially snow covered at sunrise and sunset. This morning the colors were so subtle and beautiful, pink, peach and lavender as the sun came up. Our senses probably took over when we selected this place, intuitively it seemed like refuge to us especially after residing close to an interstate for 20 years. The quiet is healing.

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      Per ‘patterns’ I have also been a doodler and boy do I ever repeat shapes, over and over… Doodling is revealing and pleasurable, I don’t know how a design will finish while I am making it and I’m able to remain relaxed, engaged and alert while drawing in the margins.

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      Jewelle,  your home sounds beautiful, a sacred space indeed.. Great connection between being a doodler of repeating patterns and how it’s relaxing!

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