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Catecholamines: Focus on Energy

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      These days, I’m drawn to go for walks, even better if I have some company.  Sometimes if I am going to meet another doctor or a new friend, I try and schedule a time to go on a walk together.  It’s a great way to get to know someone and also get some exercise and time outside.

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      I score pretty low, so I don’t think I need Tyrosine. I have 1 cup of coffee every morning which is only 50% caffeine (working slowly on cutting it out). The only thing I score on was the fatigue and what I call a “foggy brain”. But then, I’m an insomniac, so this is expected. I try my best not to let the fatigue interfere with my daily activities. Having Hashimoto’s makes me hesitate to try this amino acid. What do you think?

      I go to the gym 3x a week and do strength training with my son, so I enjoy that time with him. I walk 2-3 times a week for 3 1/2 miles with my girlfriend and that will increase as the weather improves to 4-5x a week. Sometimes other friends will call and we’ll meet for a walk instead of talking on the phone. I’m lucky that where I live, everyone is very much into fitness so it’s easy to exercise.

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      If I am taking the total Amino solution.  Does that mean I am getting this already or do I add it as well.

      Sleeping is already a problem for me so I would not want to take this except in the am I assume.



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      I would appreciate an answer to my questions above. Are you around this week? This is the first time you haven’t posted with us and answered our questions.

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      Hi Judy,
      Tyrosine helps the your body make more thyroid hormone. If you have hashimoto’s and you are already on thyroid replacement and your labs look good, then you may not need to take tyrosine. If you aren’t on thyroid med and you are trying to treat your thyroid without meds, then tyrosine can help (as can selenium, vitamin D, and zinc). If you are on meds, but not sure since you’re still having “foggy brain, you can try 1 cap of tyrosine in the AM and see how it feels. no contraindication with hashimoto’s.

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      Doug, if you still have symptoms of low catecholamines on total amino solution, then add tyrosine. Just take it in the AM so it doesn’t interfere w sleep.

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      Hi Dr. Alex, I tried 1 cap Tyrosine with no affect, so 1/2 hour later took a second one. Felt a little more alert and focused. (This was after taking 2 DLPA). Is this ok? I was nervous about taking anymore since I took DLPA as well. I also take 2 Endorphegens in the afternoon and 3 in the early evening. I have ordered the Toal Amino Solutions as you suggested but haven’t received it yet.

      I am taking 175 mcg Levothyroxine for my thyroid, but it’s probably out of whack with all the dietary changes I made early January. I’m feeling really tired all the time. I should probably cut back my exercise as well. I am on no other medication.

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      Sounds like 2 Tyrosine made you feel more focused and alert, that’s great!  So tomorrow, take 2 DLPA and 2 Tyrosine and then see how you are 30-60 min later.  If still dragging you can take another tyrosine.  or if you feel it “wearing off” mid morning or early afternoon, you can take 1 or 2 more tyrosine then.

      You can also try 3 tyrosine in the am sometime if you are particularly dragging..  you know you took too much if you feel over caffinated, speedy/ shaky.  sounds like you did it just right!

      It takes 6 weeks for the thyroid to equilibrate, so it may be a good idea to have your doc check your level if you made big diet changes in Jan.


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