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Making Kefir

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      Kefir recipe: We were talking about how to make kefir in the web conference last week. You start with Kefir grains. They aren’t actually made from grains but they look like grains so that’s where the name comes from. I got mine from another woman locally but I’ve bought other cultures from this website.

      To make kefir you need milk kefir grains. I mix about 2 T of kefir grains with 1 cup of milk.
      (any kind you want lately I’ve been using Organic low fat Strauss Milk). Cover with a clean kitchen towel and leave out on the counter. Check it every 12 hrs. Mine is generally done within 24 hrs. It may start to separate into a liquid part. Don’t worry, that’s fine. I label it w a piece of masking tape w the day and time I started it so I can check how long it’s been. So after about 24 hrs, you have kefir! Time will vary depending on how much milk you add and how warm your house is. strain thru a metal sieve and use a spoon to stir the top. The kefir grains will remain on top and the kefir will be below. Kefir lasts in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. To start the next batch, take the grains and put them in a clean glass jar, add milk and cover w a cloth.

      If you want to make kefir cheese, take the kefir and pour it into a strainer with a clean thin kitchen towel lining it, put a bowl underneath to catch the clear liquid (this is whey). After about 24 hrs, kefir cheese will remain on top. It’s like cream cheese but healthier and full of probiotics. You can use the clear yellowish liquid from the bottom to make saurkraut or another fermented food. Keep the whey in the fridge for up to 6 months.

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