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alex-zaphirisFrom: Alex Zaphiris, MD MS
RE: Recovery Superstar

Dear Friend,

As a doctor, I am horrified by the prescription pill epidemic and how doctors unknowingly contribute to it by prescribing massive amounts of these medications that were thought to be non-addicting.

As a parent and friend, I have seen first hand how our families and communities are being torn apart.  We have lost too many people to this epidemic.  Today, more people are dying from drug overdoses than from car accidents or guns.  This needs to stop.

If you are reading this, either you or someone you love has a problem with opiates and needs help.  I’m so glad you found us.

Over the next 12 weeks, I will show you how to do what no other opiate addiction recovery plan can:  how to figure out what your brain needs simply and easily and how to get it naturally without prescription medications, so that you feel normal again and avoid relapse.

Recovery Superstar is a pro-recovery, relapse prevention, brain healing plan.

You won’t find a negative, “there’s nothing you can do” approach that leaves you hopeless and full of self-blame.  Instead, you'll discover exactly what your individual brain needs, a wealth of options and a step by step guide that will help you feel more balanced and hopeful about your recovery.

In just a few short weeks, you’ll be thrilled to discover how much better you feel and how easy it is to make changes that will help jump start your brain recovery and healing.  You’ll be on the road to recovery — feeling happy, calm and energized and hopeful about your future — in no time!

Alex Zaphiris, MD MS


How Recovery Superstar Works


Recovery Superstar is based on the clinically proven approach of giving your brain the food and nutrients it needs.  When your brain is nourished, your cravings go away and you feel normal again.  Once you feel better, your mindset and outlook change and it becomes much easier to take the necessary steps to follow through on recovery.  The first step to jump start your brain’s healing and recovery is to give it the food and nutrients it needs and has needed for as long as you have been using substances.

In fact, for many people substance use started as a way to try to balance the brain.  Maybe it helped at first.  Maybe using made your anxiety go away and your emotional and physical pain went away.  But you’re likely here reading this because substances don’t make you feel better anymore and now they are actually part of the problem.

What’s missing from current recovery programs is this critical feeding the brain piece. Recovery from opiates is hard, in fact, studies show that 90% of people will relapse when they try to stop using. The good news is 10% of people DON’T relapse. If we want you to be in the 10% of people who DON’T relapse, we need to stack the deck in your favor. Feeding your brain is the first step.
Brain 2

In Recovery Superstar you will learn what YOUR specific brain needs. You’ll get to choose the best approach for you to help balance that particular part of your brain. You’ll learn what foods and nutrients will help your brain recover and you’ll learn other practices to help you stay in the moment, decrease impulsivity and reactivity.  You’ll connect with a community of other people in recovery who are motivated to heal their brains and move forward in their lives.

Nuts and Bolts

Each week has a theme and you’ll get 3 central lessons each week on that theme.

The 3 central lessons are:

  • Core: The core knowledge that is most important for you to have on that topic.
  • Inner Resource: A practical skill or tool that you can practice in the moment to calm anxiety or cravings on the spot.
  • Deep Dive: A downloadable worksheet to integrate the lessons of the week into your own life. This is where you get to deep dive, learn something new about yourself and decide what next steps you want to take.


You can do the lessons at your own pace, all at once or spread throughout the week.  There are bonus lessons also added along the way too.

At the end of each lesson, you are invited to Join the Conversation and share your experience, confidentially.

At the start of the program, you create your own username so that you can be anonymous and your privacy is protected.  Everyone’s voice is important, we all learn from each other.  This is how we create community and the feeling that we are alone and the only one can get healed.  You really are not alone.

Jumpstart your Recovery in 12 Weeks

This program is designed and taught by Integrative and Addiction Medical Doctor, Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS with additional special guests along the way.  Recovery Superstar is based on years of clinical practice treating people with addiction successfully.

The 3 central lessons are:

  • What your brain needs for an drug-free life
  • How to reduce anxiety and sleep better
  • What foods support your brain, body and recovery best
  • Tools for dealing with cravings and withdrawal
  • Ways to manage pain without opiates


5 reasons Recovery Superstar is for you


You are serious about making change

The course is designed to help you make healthy changes in your life. We'll take you step-by-step to a deeper understanding of what you need and introduce you to the skills and lifestyle to support your dreams.


Your brain is different

Opiate use creates imbalance in your neurotransmitters. As a result, you're likely to have a lower threshold for pain, experience sleep problems, struggle with low moods and be sensitive to fatigue. We'll teach you healthy approaches to recalibrating your brain chemistry.



It's virtually impossible to make lasting change in a vacuum. With Recovery Superstar, you'll get the support of Dr. Alex Zaphiris, MD and people who, like you, are motivated to take their recovery to the next level.


Self-paced and private

Recovery Superstar is an online program. You'll have access to all of the lessons and materials for 12 months and you can work through them when it's convenient for you. All the lessons are conducted in a password-protected site and you'll create a username of your choosing for your privacy.



This course focuses on natural approaches to support your recovery. We'll cover a variety of nutritional approaches, mind-body techniques and exercises that are well suited for people in recovery.


Don’t take my word for it...

I loved learning about the chemistry, the body, the brain—all things that gave me encouragement about the body’s power to heal and get to a healthy state. My biggest fear was coming off Suboxone completely and I did it with no issues because I felt prepared.

31 yo Female, Recovery Superstar

The class was excellent! I commend Dr. Zaphiris for providing an excellent resource for people who need all the help they can get dealing with addictions.

35 yo Male, Recovery Superstar

Facing down the addict within myself has been a losing battle thus far. Years of allowing an irrational, pleasure-driven beast to grow out of control has put me in a seemingly inescapable pit of despair. So, if I’m going to win the war within myself, it’s tools like this that will help.

46 yo Male, Recovery Superstar

Genius! Recovery Superstar is teaching powerful mind-body medicine in a clear and easy-to-learn way to people who really need it: folks recovering from addiction. The program is packed with excellent information and resources that are difficult for people in recovery who want optimal healing to find for themselves. Why hasn’t this been done before?

Dr. Juli Fraga, psychotherapist with a speciality in mindfulness


Here's Exactly What You'll Get With Recovery Superstar

Computer Screen 2

circle-checkmark 12 LIVE weekly webinars with Q + A with Dr. Alex Zaphiris to get support all along the way (all calls will be recorded)

circle-checkmarkAccess to a private (non-Facebook) community for support and questions

circle-checkmark12 Core lessons that will teach you how to hack your brain for recovery.

Topics include: Feeding your Brain, Science of Sleep and Tapering Off of Suboxone

circle-checkmark 12 Inner Resource audio/videos that train your brain to heal itself. Includes guided meditations,

 breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises.

circle-checkmark 12 Deep Dive Worksheets designed to help you integrate the course content into your life including a Mood and

 Energy Tracker, Anxiety Buster and Trigger Prevention Tool

circle-checkmark 4 Action Planning Guides to help you decide the right next step for you

circle-checkmark Bonus 4 motivational extras to surprise and delight you


You’re in the right place if:

  • You have tried several times to stop using opiates or heroin, with little to no long term success

  • You have been through rehab or an intensive out patient program and are ready to take the next step to help your brain heal and avoid relapse

  • You are taking a replacement medication like buprenorphine (Suboxone), Naltrexone or methadone and you want to be able to get off of it and avoid relapse

  • Other substances are a problem for you too like: meth, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

  • You are ready to learn how to take charge of your life and make changes that will create lasting benefits.



Still Not Sure?

No Worries. The Program Comes With a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


We're ready to prove everything we claim. Try it out for a full 30 days. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


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Thanks for visiting. Registration for the current Recovery Superstar class is closed.
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How much longer are you willing to wait to get your life back?

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What if you found the missing link that made all the difference for you?


Now is the time to change.

I can’t wait to see you in the program and transform your life in 12 weeks.

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I look forward to personally guiding you to start healing your brain from opiate and other addictions and feeling better than ever before in just 12 weeks.


Alex Zaphiris MD MS

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